Bond to Unbind

El Salvador was the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender (it’s now been followed by the Central African Republic). If you’re interested in learning how that decision happened, how things are going, and, how Salvadorans feel about it, I’d highly recommend watching this documentary.

The Saylor Series

The Saylor Series by Robert Breedlove, is probably the most important piece of content you can watch to understand the ‘Why Bitcoin?’ question. Michael Saylor is the founder and CEO of MicroStrategy – the first publicly listed company to put themselves on the Bitcoin Standard. From first principles, he explains why it’s no longer a choice but a necessity.

Swan Signal

From the team behind the creators of Swan Bitcoin and Give Bitcoin, comes Swan Signal. A weekly discussion between prominent Bitcoiners – also available as a podcast – but sometimes it’s nice to see the whites of their eyes, to judge for yourself what is true.

BTC Sessions

The BTC Sessions channel combines some light-hearted takes on current news in the Bitcoin ecosystem, with step-by-step walkthrough guides of wallets, apps and hardware you may not fully understand yet.

Ministry of Nodes

Want to go deep? Ketan at Ministry of Nodes is like the lovechild of Yoda and Morpheus. Seriously, if you want to be smarter than you currently are, just start at episode 1 and keep going. In no time, you’ll be a cross between Skywalker and Neo.

This Machine Greens

You’ve probably heard that Bitcoin is bad for the environment. This Machine Greens, is a documentary by Jamie King and Enrique Posner that explores Bitcoin’s complex and nuanced relationship with energy.