For me, this is where the real magic happens. Podcasts have transformed the way I consume media, and can allow you to exponentially increase your knowledge at the same time as going for a walk, washing the dishes or even – for some people – while they earn a living. Here’s a few of the best, with links to those involved. Please support them with a like or a share when you value what they’re doing. It goes a long way to driving hyperbitcoinisation, which is a good thing for all Bitcoiners.

2-Bit Idiots2-Bit Idiots Podcast2-Bit Idiots
StackingHats & BitcoinBrendo
A Bitcoin Podcast
Marty Bent & Matt Odell
Swan SignalSwan Signal:
A Bitcoin Podcast
Brady Swenson
Bitcoin Rapid FireBitcoin Rapid-FireJohn Vallis
Stephan Livera PodcastStephan Livera PodcastStephan Livera
We Study BillionairesWe Study Billionaires:
The Investors Podcast
Preston Pysh
Bitcoin AudibleBitcoin AudibleGuy Swann
The Bitcoin Matrix LogoThe Bitcoin MatrixCedric Youngelman
Once BittenOnce BITten!Daniel Prince
Orange Pill PodcastOrange Pill PodcastMax Keiser & Stacy Herbert