What the hell is Nostr and why do you want to be zapped?

We’ve all heard of people being de-platformed and shadow-banned because some centralised service doesn’t like what they have to say. Well Nostr is an open protocol that is censorship resistant. Think TCP/IP (the internet) or SMTP (e-mail).

In the same way as anyone can build an e-mail client, anyone can build a Nostr client. Many already exist: Damus (iOS), Amethyst (Android), Primal (Desktop).

As a user, you have choice. You choose a client, create a public key (give to anyone) and private key (never share), and you use it in the same way you’d use any other social platform.

However, if for whatever reason you decide you don’t like the client you’re using (or if they don’t like you), you just move to a new client (using the public/private key) and take all your data with you.

But what are Zaps?

Zaps are essentially tips. If you say something great, sing a song, create a funny meme etc, your followers can zap you with Satoshis, straight into your lightning wallet, with no 3rd party taking a fee.

Think that would never happen? Think again. The zapping community is massive already.

If you already write a blog, keep people entertained or manage a community group, maybe you should be being paid for all that value you’re creating.

Who to follow?

  • Edward Snowden: npub1sn0wdenkukak0d9dfczzeacvhkrgz92ak56egt7vdgzn8pv2wfqqhrjdv9
  • Michael Saylor: npub15dqlghlewk84wz3pkqqvzl2w2w36f97g89ljds8x6c094nlu02vqjllm5m
  • Lawrence Lepard: npub1d3f4m9dgvkdjxn26pqzsxn6lpfn78sxwllxyt8mp76q0a9zyyjlswhr4xv
  • Or even me: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdrux
  • (copy/paste these public keys into the profile search of the client you choose)