Bitcoin Rewards

Do you shop? Of course you do! Did you know that you could be receiving cashback – or more accurately Bitcoin back – just by using a simple service like The Bitcoin Company; Fold; Lolli; or, Satsback.

These services offer up to 35% Bitcoin back for shopping with hundreds of the biggest brands in the world like, eBay, Burger King, Gap, Nintendo, Uber, Coles, Adobe, fiverr, Delta, Airbnb, The Book Depository and Adidas.

Basically, you earn Bitcoin, just for doing something you’d already be doing. Who doesn’t like free money!

They work slightly differently to each other.

The Bitcoin Company Logo

The Bitcoin Company is more than just a satsback service. They are building an app that will offer “all the traditional tools you have come to expect from your bank (with none of the headaches)”

This will include learn, earn, spend, save, borrow and buy.

But first the satsback. The Bitcoin Company app is available everywhere on both Apple and Android, and you can even get satsback from purchasing a Visa prepaid card.

Satsback on life and 1000 Sats just for downloading the app. If you don’t want that…I don’t know what to tell you!

Fold App Logo

Fold works in-store, online and in-app. Using as an example. You purchase a gift card for via the Fold App. You can either use your credit or debit card to do this, or use the Lightning network to get more Bitcoin back. Rewards are immediately deposited to your account so you can spend them, save them or withdraw them to your personal wallet.

Sign up to Fold.

Want even more? Sign up for a free debit card, receive 20,000 sats and start earning 1-100% satsback on every purchase you make with no need to manage gift cards! (US only)

Lolli Logo

Lolli works online or via a browser extension. Either log in to the Lolli website, and click the shop link to receive your rewards or install the browser extension and it will automatically tell you when there is a Bitcoin back offer when you are shopping with one of their partners.

First the Good News

If you currently use a credit or debit card with a rewards programme to make your purchases, you can receive both rewards!

Now the Catch

Both Fold and Lolli are currently only available in the USA. You can however download the app (Fold) or the browser extension (Lolli) in order to refer friends. Lolli offer $10 in Bitcoin when they shop; and, Fold give 20,000 free Satoshis to new users and allow you to Spin the Wheel once a day for a chance to win up to 1 million. If you spin the wheel every day, you are guaranteed 250 Satoshis for what they call a streak!

Satsback Logo lets you to earn Sats (fractions of a Bitcoin) every time you shop online at one of their connected stores. The store gives them a commission for referring a customer (you), and Satsback give a percentage of this commission to you. It’s free to use and you can either click on the shop link via the Satsback website, or install a browser extension (Chrome or Firefox) that alerts you when you can receive Sats rewards when shopping online.

You can also withdraw your rewards to your own wallet via Lightning, so you don’t have to trust Satsback to hold your Bitcoin. Be your own bank!